Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chocolate Cake Castle

My daughter made this castle cake for her boyfriend's birthday. 
This is the recipe she used, but you can be creative and use  many other chocolate candies!

2 Boxes Chocolate Cake Mix
2 Tubs Chocolate Frosting
Rolos, Sprinkles, Chocolate Oreos, Hershey Miniature Candy, Kit Kat Miniature Candy Bars.

Bake both cakes according to box recipe.  Cool completely.
Put one cake on top of the other with frosting in between.
Add frosting on top and add sprinkles.
Put the miniature candy around all sides of the castle.
Put frosting in between the oreos so the towers will stay in place.
The Kit Kats look great as the drawbridge.

You can use your imagination and use many types of chocolate candy.
This was a fun and a very chocolate birthday cake.
Jenna's Chocolate Castle Cake!


  1. When my son asked for a "Crush the Castle" cake for his 4th birthday, I was at a loss. Then I found this easy castle cake plan! I adapted it a little, using sugar cones for turrets and pirouette cookies for a drawbridge. It turned out great! I even included some little knights, a catapult (with Whoppers candies for cannon balls that the kids shot at the castle cake), and a big green dragon hanging off one of the castle turrets. It takes a little bit of time to put it all together, but it's so worth it!

    ~Marriane@D Liche